The old town of Liège has a characteristic sinuous fabric. Dating to the medieval era, its streets turn and curl to leave pockets of empty and pleasant spaces away from the busy streets. The plot of the project is one of them. Partially enclosed by neighbouring buildings, it enjoys a tranquil and intimate character ideal for a community garden. The project consists of a provision of a garden, facilities for the community and shared working space. To design proposed to consolidate the back of the plot by adhering a series of architectural units to the as-found existing construction. By doing so, the plot preserves its courtyard condition and allows space for a large central planting area, the actual garden.

The building is brought together with a juxtaposition of 3 simple structures against the existing one; a polyvalent room on the ground floor, a penthouse office with views, a roofed terrace and a vertical service unit. In addition, outdoor racks and a fence with two gates provide the infrastructure to store props and give open access to the garden. The new units are assembled in a cohesive backdrop for the garden is continuous with the party walls and the facades on the street. From the street, the visitor approaches a garden instead of a building.

Competition 2021
180 m2
Liège, Belgium
Team: Guillem Pons, Stijn Baets, Joris Kerremans, Noah Leijssen